Factor 1: Interference

  • Physical interference: Too many obstructions: walls, ceiling/floors and closed doors will all affect your signal strength and quality. Move your WiFi source as close to the common usage area as possible. If you have it against a wall, move it into a more open location.
  • Electrical interference: Appliances like air conditioners, heavy motors, x-ray machines and even sometimes hair driers and electric heaters can interfere with the WiFi signal. If your AC kicks on and you suddenly get kicked off, turn it off and see if you get back on, try to move away from the AC.
  • RF (Radio Frequency) Interference: similar to Electrical Interference, RF Interference from microwaves can and will boot you off WiFi. If you microwave some lunch, and your laptop at the table gets booted, you know why.
  • Weather / Environmental Interference: Lightening can disrupt RF signals totally, heavy rain and fog also dampen the signal distance and quality. If you need to use WiFi outdoors, or in weather, get as close to the access point as possible.

Factor 2: Hardware

  • Quality WiFi source: is your router a decent product? Is it the latest, (currently wireless N &5 GHZ)? Does it have external antennas? Always have external antennas. Yes, they are ugly, yes they work better than without.
  • Quality WiFi receiver: I have found the less expensive hardware has poor performing WiFi cards included. The USB WiFI dongles are also not great performers. A name brand, quality built -n WiFi card is recommended.

Factor 3: Other Issues

  • If you have verified everything above and see no improvement, you may have an issue with the hardware which would need individual diagnosis by a technical professional.
  • Update the drivers and firmware, it may be old or have a known bug.
  • It is possible your Provider is having issues, and the WiFi is just a side effect. This is especially true if your modem is also the WiFi router.
  • Some viruses or mal-ware programs can infect your PC causing WiFi issues.

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